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3 Decor Ideas For Home Working Corner

3 Decor Ideas For Home Working Corner

The pandemic has brought about significant changes in our lives and work patterns. With COVID-19 making work from home the new norm, many companies and employees have come to realize the potential for increased productivity in a remote setting compared to the traditional office.

However, challenges arise in the home office environment, including a lack of suitable space for focused work and the absence of comfortable furniture. This has led to health issues such as low back pain, consequently affecting productivity.

If you're looking to enhance your home office with comfortable furniture, we have three ideas to transform your home environment with the right furnishings.


Idea 1: Dedicated Workspace for Focused Work

ergonomic chair with height adjustable desk in study room 

A tranquil environment is crucial for individuals working from home for extended periods. Whether you're engaged in routine tasks or participating in online meetings, having a designated workspace is essential for concentration and minimizing distractions.

Here are some recommended furniture pieces for your work room: a height-adjustable desk, an ergonomic chair, a filing cabinet, a lamp, and a computer stand. Our height-adjustable table, SS desk, and the ergonomic design of our office chair, Finora, can assist in enhancing your sitting posture and boosting productivity.

Idea 2: Creating a Workspace in Your Bedroom or Living Room

black mesh chair and simple work desk in bedroom
In search of space-saving furniture for a compact area to work in? Okamura's Cynara is a task chair that seamlessly combines intuitive, responsive functionality with a sleek, refined aesthetic, ideal for any work setting. Our goal was to design the lightest possible task chair, providing dual advantages of reduced CO2 emissions and effortless handling, allowing for easy adjustments to your home office design.

Idea 3: Create a Flexible Work Spot Anywhere

pink work chair and small work table in living room

Not everyone may be inclined to set up a dedicated office space at home, especially if there are plans to return to a regular office in the future. What you require is a versatile work table and a stylish chair. Our Risefit 3 is a compact, portable table with height adjustment, suitable for use in any part of your home, be it the home office, living room, or kitchen. This easily maneuverable table, equipped with casters, enhances mobility.

Additionally, Lives chairs are furnished with essentials to maintain a comfortable posture, offering a variety of color options. We provide High Back, Low Back, 5-star base, and wood base options, catering to diverse home needs.

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