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Quality Furniture, from Japan to Your Room

Who we are

Since 1945

Okamura has brought new values in spaces where people work and live for over 70 years.
We provide products and services that create functional and comfortable spaces, from offices that accommodate diverse working styles to educational institutions where people connect, cultural facilities including theaters and museums, and specialized facilities for research, healthcare and the elderly.

We are proud of our proprietary processing technology, built upon years of experience in the field. Our sheet metal processing technology for aircraft, developed at the time of Okamura’s founding, provided the starting point for a legacy of innovation. We use these technological assets alongside the latest systems and tools to manufacture products that respond to the societies needs.

We are here to help.

Are You Comfortable with Your Home Office?

Do you have back pain?
Do you have difficulty finding a correct posture?

We are here to make your "Work from Home" experience more enjoyable!

Our ergonomic furniture provides the comfort and reliability to maximize your time at home.
Introduce our products to create a space where you can thrive.

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Made in Japan, Quality Products

Sparkling Quality

We are obsessed with quality.
Okamura's products are created at its production bases in Japan. In fact, Okamura has more production bases than any other company in the domestic industry.
Our customers trust us for our rigorous quality control in creating the finest products, the stability of our supply chain, meticulous attention to detail and short lead times.

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