Warranty Periods by Product Type and Components, and Additional Exclusions from Warranty.

This warranty is valid from December 12, 2022. Okamura reserves the right to modify its Limited Warranty from time to time, including, without limitation, to add, delete or modify the applicable warranty periods, the Products and components covered by warranty, and exclusions to warranty described in Warranty terms and conditions.

For the products under Normal Sale Order, the warranty period is measured from the date of valid commercial invoice issued by OIV to Distributor, and shall become void thereafter.

 Warranty period for seating

Structural components, including frames, shells, bases, operating mechanisms including adjustable armrest Ten (10) years
Gas cylinder, Casters, Adjustment levers Five (5) years
Coating finish, mesh & fabric, Cushions, and arm-pads Two (2) years

For the products under Sale Order as Distributor's inventory, the warranty shall be effective from the date of valid commercial invoice issued by Distributor to Customers or shall be effective from 90th day since the date of valid commercial invoice issued by OIV to Distributor; the Warranty validity depends on which condition happens first, and becomes void after timeline mentioned on Table above. OIV reserves the right to refuse the warranty if the Distributor does not provide OIV prior written notice of the valid commercial invoice date to customer.

*Seating Usage:

Normal commercial use for seating is identified as the equivalent of a single shift, forty (40) hour workweek. To the extent that a seating product is used in a manner exceeding this, the applicable warranty period will be reduced in a pro-rata manner.

Okamura does not warrant the following:

 -        Normal wear and tear

-        Natural variations, scars, marks or wrinkles occurring in the leather

-        Colorfastness of textiles

-        Color matching of textiles exactly to samples or swatches or past purchases

-        COM or COL fabrics

-        Natural variations in wood grain or figure or the presence of character marks

-        Colorfastness of the matching of colors of wood grain, including an exact match to samples or swatches or past purchases

-        Non-standard products (customized sizes, materials, finishes)

-        Products exposed to extreme environmental conditions or improper storage conditions.