General terms

Customers access the website:, that is, agree with the following terms. If you disagree, please do not use the website:

1. Compliance with the contents and programs of the State on e -commerce management and e -commerce development

2. Do not perform behaviors:

2.1. Violation of e -commerce business:

a) Organize the business and marketing network for e -commerce services, in which each participant must pay an initial amount to buy services and receive commissions, bonuses or economic benefits. other from mobilizing others to join the network;
b) Taking advantage of e -commerce to trade fake goods, goods and services violating intellectual property rights; Goods and services on the list of banned goods and services;
c) Taking advantage of the name of e -commerce business activities to mobilize illegal capital from other traders, organizations and individuals;
d) Provide e-commerce services or supervision, evaluation and authentication services in e-commerce without registration or not being licensed;
e) Provide e-commerce services or monitoring, evaluation and authentication services in e-commerce not in accordance with the information in the registration dossier or licensing;
f) Having fraud or providing false information when performing the procedures for notifying e-commerce website, registering the website to provide e -commerce services, registration or applying for licenses Supervision, evaluation and authentication services in e -commerce.

2.2. Violation of information on e -commerce website:

a) Forging registration information or failing to comply with the regulations on form and specifications to disclose the registration information on the e-commerce application website;
b) Use the logo of the programs to assess the e -commerce application website without these programs that have not been recognized by these programs;
c) Using other paths, logos or technology on the e -commerce application website to confuse relationships with other traders, organizations and individuals;
d) Use the path to provide contradictory or misleading information compared to the information published at the application website area with this link.

2.3. Violation of transactions on e -commerce application website:

a) Conducting fraudulent acts on e-commerce application website;
b) Forging information of other traders, organizations and individuals to participate in e-commerce activities;
c) Intervene in the operating system and Internet browser at electronic devices accessing the website to force customers to save the website contrary to their wishes.

2.4. Other violations:

a) Stealing, using, disclosing, transferring and selling information related to business secrets of traders, organizations, other individuals or personal information of consumers in e -commerce when The consent of the stakeholders has not been approved, unless otherwise provided for by law;
b) Forging or copying the interface of e -commerce website of other traders, organizations and individuals to make benefits or to confuse, cause customers' trust in traders, organizations and individuals there.
3. User responsibility

When accessing this website, you agree to accept all risks. The company is not responsible for any losses due to direct, accidental or indirect consequences. The damage encountered due to viruses, direct or indirect vandalism of other computer systems, telephone lines, hardware, software, program errors, or any other errors; The transmission line of the computer or the network is slow ...

4. The adjustment law

Access to this website is conditional according to your consent that all the information on the website and all the problems arising between you and we will be adjusted by Vietnamese law. All disputes arise between customers and we will base on the trial rights of Vietnamese courts.

5. Obligations of application users on the website

When using the application on the website, please agree:

- You accept financial responsibility for all transactions made according to your name and account.
- To have legal capacity, you must be 18 years old or older.
- You guarantee that all the information you provide about yourself and anyone else is completely accurate.