Experience Comfort with Okamura's Cushion & Mesh!

The Okamura factory in Japan is dedicated to crafting high-quality furniture.
Crafting a comfortable seat without compromising strength and durability poses a challenge. Committed to the principles of 'Made in Japan' quality, we have meticulously examined the backrest and seat of our office chairs, refining details to enhance the overall product quality. Okamura's endeavor was to design task chairs that combine aesthetics with responsive ergonomic support, leading to the development of the Multiple Density Cushion and High-Performance Mesh.

Multiple Density Cushion - Okamura's innovation

Okamura Multiple Density Cushion 
Okamura's distinctive Multiple Density Cushion employs three types of urethane foam, each with varying firmness, layered together to enhance sitting comfort and promote posture stability. The cushion offers softer support at the front of the seat, alleviating pressure on the thighs to enhance circulation. Simultaneously, denser cushioning at the back provides firm support for the hips, contributing to stability and improved posture.

High Performance MeshHigh Performance Mesh by Okamura

Designed to withstand a person's weight without compromising its structure while offering flexibility for a comfortable seat, we developed High Performance Mesh in collaboration with Kawashima Selkon Textiles. Okamura's High Performance Mesh made its debut in 2002 with Contessa, Japan's pioneering office chair featuring mesh for both the backrest and seat. Over time, our mesh has undergone design advancements, including the introduction of gradation mesh, allowing us to apply varying tensions to different areas of the backrest and body. From material procurement to mesh construction and chair assembly, every step takes place in Japan, ensuring Okamura's mesh seating maintains the exceptional 'Made in Japan' quality that sets it apart


Select Your Ideal Ergonomic Chair!

Explore the choice between Multi Density Cushion and High Performance Mesh for many of Okamura's office chairs, such as Contessa Seconda, and more. Interested in experiencing the strength and comfort of our ergonomic chairs? Feel free to visit our showroom for a hands-on trial!

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