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Convenient and Portable Table for Home Utilization

Convenient and Portable Table for Home Utilization

Creating a health-conscious living and work environment hinges on ergonomic furniture. Quality furniture enables seamless transitions between sitting and standing postures, accommodating various movements and positions.

While height-adjustable tables or standing desks might seem like viable options, some users find their standard sizes to be too large for home use, lacking the desired flexibility. Are you in search of a compact, adjustable table for home use?

Discover the Risefit, a versatile supplementary work table suitable for any area in your home, including the home office, living room, or kitchen. This user-friendly table with casters ensures mobility, featuring smooth height adjustment facilitated by its flexible arm and hydraulic pressure switch, with a range from 665mm to 1,000mm.

small work table risefit 3 by okamura
This compact table with adjustable height serves a multitude of purposes. Whether used as a work table, study desk, coffee table, or a surface to place items, its versatility caters to diverse needs. The ease of transitioning between sitting and standing work or study positions has never been more accessible.
small study desk
Relocate your movable work table to the dining room or balcony, allowing you to savor the breeze, appreciate a pleasant view, and enjoy your favorite wine.
small work desk
Preparing meals becomes more convenient with a recipe or iPad by your side.
coffee table

Okamura design products to meet users' needs and also concern about the environment. Recycled materials are used in aluminum and wood quality parts. These materials make up about 83% by product weight.

After use, 47% of Risefit can be collected and disassembled into homogeneous materials.

Get your small height adjustable work table now!

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