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Four essential items for your work corner at home.

Four essential items for your work corner at home.

Workstyles are evolving, with the COVID-19 pandemic normalizing remote work. Since 2020, a significant number of employees have embraced the Work From Home (WFH) model. Some companies have opted to allow long-term remote work even beyond the pandemic.

However, many employees are grappling with challenges and unexpected health issues, including strains in the back, neck, and shoulders, as their home setups lack an ideal working environment. These difficulties are adversely affecting their health, work, and overall productivity

To create an effective home office setup, consider incorporating these essential work-from-home furniture pieces that have the potential to enhance your productivity!


1. Ergonomic Office Chair support for your extended Work Hours

The transition to working from home can often result in awkward sitting postures. Thus, a crucial aspect of establishing a healthy home office is selecting an ergonomic chair. When searching for an ergonomic chair in Vietnam, you will encounter numerous options. Opt for one that offers responsive ergonomic support and adjustable features, including seat height, seat depth, armrest position, and more. The addition of a headrest and lumbar support can further assist in maintaining proper support for your neck and back.


2. Height-adjustable Desk helps to easily change the posture based on the tasks

height adjustable desk from japan

Choose between standing or sitting while working. This flexibility promotes a healthy, inspiring, and efficient home office environment. No longer do you need to adjust your work style to fit the desk; now, the height-adjustable desk adapts to your preferences. Easily and quickly move the desk surface up or down, creating the optimal positioning for your needs.

3. Repiroue – mixing standing and sitting is crucial for adapting your posture to the task

work from home furniture to keep you productive
Okamura has introduced "repiroue," a perfect blend of sitting and standing, representing a novel approach to work posture. It offers a similar experience to standing but with less strain on the back, distributing weight appropriately between the soles of the feet and the seat. This minimizes stress on the lower back compared to sitting and reduces stress on the feet compared to standing.

4. Desk Lamp

Insufficient lighting can put a strain on your eyes and more likely to experience tiredness and loss of focus. Desk lamp with task-lighting can provide the correct amount of light directed towards tasks.

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