Okamura Environmentally Friendly Office Chairs

Okamura Environmentally Friendly Office Chairs

You've likely devoted thought to the sustainability of your workplace. Begin by incorporating the use of environmentally friendly office chairs. At Okamura, we recognize the office chair as a vital component of any office or home office. Therefore, we meticulously design office chairs that seamlessly blend aesthetics, ergonomics, and sustainability for our valued customers.

The back frames of Okamura office chairs are crafted based on a simulated analysis of finite elements, showcasing the remarkable dedication behind Okamura's environmentally conscious designs. Our product developers optimize resource usage by minimizing material quantities without compromising the exceptional quality, strength, and safety of the chairs.

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With a strong focus on future recyclability in the design phase, we prioritize the use of homogeneous materials whenever possible. Recycled materials are incorporated into aluminum, steel, plastic, and resin components, constituting approximately 35-50% of the product weight.

Following use, 90% of Okamura chairs can be gathered and disassembled into homogeneous materials, facilitating the reuse of parts from post-use products and enabling material recycling. The major components' materials are distinctly identified.

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We have conducted extensive product testing, encompassing durability, load-bearing strength, stability, transportation considerations, and measurements of emitted volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and specific harmful substances. This rigorous testing ensures the high quality of our products. The majority of our chairs hold GREENGUARD (Gold) certification, signifying their recognition for low chemical emissions and contributing to the protection of interior environments.

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