Four Type of Chairs That Create Appealing Workplace Environments

Four Type of Chairs That Create Appealing Workplace Environments
Workspaces can extend beyond conventional offices, encompassing shared areas throughout the entire office floor, including desks, cafes, seminar rooms, team collaboration pods, and co-working spaces. As a global company, Okamura offers a diverse range of options, crafting office furniture that aligns with how individuals work most effectively.

Leverage the level of the meeting room with Executive chair

leather chair in conference room

Conference rooms serve as central spaces for information sharing, idea expression, and reviews. Tailored for formal board meetings, Legender stands out as the premier executive chair, featuring a smart operation mechanism. It seamlessly combines functionality, sophistication, and elegance, leveraging our expertise in ergonomics and our longstanding tradition of crafting exquisite furniture.

Improve performance and protect health by Ergonomic chair for office space

elegant meeting room

The office serves as a workspace where employees carry out their daily operational tasks, such as checking emails, scheduling, and generating reports. Given that workers often spend extended periods seated at their desks, potential health concerns may arise. Finora, an ergonomic chair, is designed to offer the modern worker a heightened level of functionality, ensuring the utmost comfort without compromising aesthetic design.

Offer iconic common area & cafeteria with fashion ergonomic chair

works chairs that make workspace atmospheres attractive
When seeking a more relaxed work environment or a space for a short break, employees desire an open and free-flowing conversation setting. Lives Work Chairs introduce a casual aesthetic to the office while incorporating state-of-the-art features that meet the expectations of modern employees

Easily transform the set-up space with the folding chairs for collaborative area

fold chair for meeting room

In order to exchange innovative concepts and expand upon the ideas of colleagues or clients, employees require environments specifically crafted for open communication. These spaces serve multiple purposes, including training sessions, external seminars, events, and collaborative projects. The MC chair, with its streamlined frame, comfortable seating experience, and efficient storage capability, stands out as a user-friendly folding chair ideal for meeting spaces.

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