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The important of Lumbar Support part in the office chair?

The important of Lumbar Support part in the office chair?
Whether you're working in an office or remotely from home, the office chair stands out as one of the most crucial pieces of furniture to enhance work productivity and promote a healthier working posture.
In the previous article, we discussed the impact of poor posture on your health and ways to improve it. Prolonged sitting imposes significant pressure on the back, contributing to back pain. Investing in a well-designed ergonomic office chair can alleviate back pain and reduce pressure on the hips. Moreover, it can enhance overall comfort during work.
A office with Contessa Seconda ergonomic chairs (with lumbar support).

Are you in search of a comfortable ergonomic chair in Vietnam for prolonged periods of sitting? If that's the case, Lumbar Support for an office chair might catch your interest! Lumbar Support offers superior lower back support, promoting a healthy S-curve in the spine and ensuring a more comfortable and natural posture.

Okamura ergonomic chairs, including popular models like Contessa Seconda, Finora, and Sylphy Mesh Back, feature an adjustable Lumbar Support option. It's easy to use—simply move the lumbar support behind the backrest up or down. The height of the lumbar support can be adjusted within a range of approximately 60mm upward and downward.

lumbar support for healthy posture

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