What is the significance of having an ergonomic chair equipped with a Forward Tilt Mechanism?

What is the significance of having an ergonomic chair equipped with a Forward Tilt Mechanism?

Furniture in general, chairs and desks in particular, are especially endure prolonged use and directly impact physical health. Consequently, when considering the purchase of an ergonomic chair for your office or home office, it is crucial to make a thoughtful choice by examining the available functions.

While most contemporary office chairs feature a reclining function, not all incorporate a Forward Tilt Mechanism, allowing the chair to tilt upward or downward. The Forward Tilt proves beneficial in relieving pressure on the abdominal region and lower back. Additionally, it promotes an upright pelvis, elongated back muscles, and a straight head position, reducing strain on the neck and lower back. Therefore, careful consideration of these functions is advisable for an informed chair selection.

Benefits of Forward-tilt Function
During work, the tendency to lean forward can contribute to an inadequate sitting posture, elevating pressure on the abdominal region and causing strain on the neck and shoulders. This inclination may lead to a tilting pelvis and a hunched-over spine, ultimately resulting in discomfort in the lower back.

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Okamura's the best seller ergonomic chair, Sylphy, is equipped with the advanced Synchro-Tilt mechanism. This feature synchronizes the movement of the backrest and seat to enhance comfort and support. Offering both standard reclining and forward tilt functions, Sylphy provides the flexibility of free-flow recline or locked positions to cater to diverse needs and work styles.

The Forward-Tilt function enables the seat to tilt forward by 10 degrees, ensuring support during extended periods of intensive computer work by maintaining the pelvis in a neutral position. Additionally, it contributes to stress reduction on the body by preserving the natural S-curve of the spine, promoting improved posture.

synchro-tilt Mechanism of Sylphy ergonomic chair

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