Sylphy Cushion Back & Seat (Plain Knit)

Sylphy Cushion Back & Seat (Plain Knit)

Sale price31.790.000₫

Upholstery Color: Purple
Frame & Base: Polished Frame & Base
Body: Black Body
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Sylphy Ergonomic Work Chair

Designed For Every Body

Easy to personalize with adjustable back curve. By pulling down the levers on both sides of the seat back, the curve becomes gentler to fit a large build. Pulling the levers up creates a narrow curve to support a smaller build. 


W658 x D574/624 x OH969/1098 x SH435/564mm​

  • Frame: Resin​
  • Leg: Die-cast aluminum / Resin​
  • Upholstery: Mesh / Polyester​
  • Adjustable back curve ​
  • Multi-density seat cushion ​
  • 3D adjustable armrests ​
  • Ankle-tilt reclining function ​
  • Reclining lock & tension adjustable ​
  • Forward tilt function ​
  • Seat height adjustable ​
  • Sliding seat ​
  • 5-star base on hard castors ​
A rolling office chair with swivel base and tilt function

3D Adjustable Armrests

Can be adjusted in three dimensions: height, depth and angle — enabling the most comfortable elbow support for the various tasks at hand.

Forward-tilt Function

Allows the seat to tilt forward 10°, so Sylphy can support you even through long periods of intensive computer work, by keeping the pelvis in a neutralised position.

Body Curve Adjustment

It takes just seconds to customize the fit of the backrest.

Ankle-Tilt Reclining

The  Recline and Tilt Lock dial allows you to lock Sylphy in recline of up to 23° or forward tilt 10°. An ankle-tilt mechanism enables anyone to find their most comfortable reclining position.

Multiple Density Cushion

Provides softer support at the front of the seat, reducing pressure on the thighs for improved back firmly supports the hips for stability and improved posture.

Sit in Comfort

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Sylphy ergonomic chair by Okamura

Easy to Personalize with Adjustable Back Curve

An ergonomic kneeling chair with angled seat

Synchro-tilt mechanism

Adjustable seat depth ergonomic chair

Seat depth adjustment

work chair with adjustable armrests

3D adjustable armrests

armrest adjustable

Seat height adjustment

Multiple Density Cushion

Multiple density cushion

Flexible Designed 

Sylphy achieved with a unique double-structured frame joined together by minimal touchpoints. This slight flex allows the user to stretch and move while maintaining a healthy S-curve of the spine - a more comfortable and natural posture. 

Refresh Your Room

Get the perfect chair for your workspace.


good design
good design award
universal design award 2013
interior innovation award
JIDA design museum